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Mission & Vision

Geek Zone coworking space gives freelancers and early-stage companies the space and tools they need to grow their businesses.


Humans Are
Social Creatures

We believe in coworking without a filter. Our community is strong when it is diverse. Diversity drives creativity and innovation.
We adhere to the coworking core values: Collaboration, Openness, Accessibility, Sustainability & Community.


We believe That
Collaboration Breeds

Collaboration will always be stronger than competition. This is even more true in a growing entrepreneur community here in Egypt.


Ensure Your
Training is Effective

We develop workshops that enables our students to meet on-the-job
challenges in the dynamic corporate environment. Geek Zone Coworking Space created a Workshop Club to help you Join Now!


Networking for community

The inherent good nature of people is more powerful than the perceived fears
we may hold about strangers. Visit Geek Zone coworking space Now!

We create spaces which

Allow People to FeelFocused and Comfortable.

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